For Foundations

Nonprofit Navigator empowers foundations to build the capacity of their staff and grant partners with ease.

    When Foundations sign up to partner with Nonprofit Navigator they have access to a custom intelligence dashboard.

    Nonprofit Navigator Foundation Dashboard

  1. Foundations have access to Nonprofit Navigator AI and can Add Resources to our content database.

    • Nonprofit Navigator Submit Content
    • Adding resources to the database is simple, you just insert a link to the hosted article or PDF content. We’ll scrape that content and add it to Nonprofit Navigator.
    • All submitted content is sourced when returned to users via Nonprofit Navigator AI.
      • With the support of our Foundation and Consultant partners, our knowledge database perpetually evolves to meet the needs of our changemakers.
    • Note: The NPNav team will review submissions periodically and reserve the right to omit and exclude inappropriate content.

  2. Foundations can easily sponsor grant partners into Nonprofit Navigator.

    • Every Foundation account is assigned a unique Grant Partner Code. (vUn8d5 in this example)
    • Foundations share this code with grant partners.
    • When a grant partner signs up using the Grant Partner Code, it creates a new subscription on the Foundation’s credit card (or generates an invoice) automatically.
      • Grant Partners can immediately access the platform.
      • Foundations are notified via email when a new Grant Partner signs up.
    • The Manage Billing button allows Foundations to easily manage their direct and sponsored subscriptions.

  3. All Foundation’s have a dedicated contact person.

    • The person is a dedicated staff member from Nonprofit Navigator or a Consultant you already have a relationship with.
    • Nonprofit Navigator is a co-op, we believe that established Consultants should maintain and own their own networks and provide them perpetual equity stakes in the partnerships they onboard.

  4. We understand the importance of outcomes, which is why every Foundation account is provided a detailed list of the Nonprofits they sponsor.

    • It provides user details, months active, and comparative usage.
    • Usage is displayed as ‘Above Average, Average, and Below Average’ and is calculated by the monthly usage of the specific user/grant partner in relation to other active users.

  5. There are no minimum sponsorships required to partner with Nonprofit Navigator, cancel anytime.

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