For Consultants

Nonprofit Navigator empowers Consultants to strengthen their Foundation partners with AI while retaining ownership of their networks and earning perpetual equity on partnerships they onboard.

    When Consultants sign up to partner with Nonprofit Navigator they have access to a custom intelligence dashboard.

    Nonprofit Navigator Consultant Dashboard

  1. Consultants have access to Nonprofit Navigator AI and can Add Resources to our content database.

    • Nonprofit Navigator Submit Content
    • Adding resources to the database is simple, you just insert a link to the hosted article or PDF content. We’ll scrape that content and add it to Nonprofit Navigator.
    • All submitted content is sourced when returned to users via Nonprofit Navigator AI.
      • With the support of our Foundation and Consultant partners, our knowledge database perpetually evolves to meet the needs of our changemakers.
    • Note: The NPNav team will review submissions periodically and reserve the right to omit and exclude inappropriate content.

  2. Consultants onboarding Foundations into the Nonprofit Navigator ecosystem can easily track of their pending and earned revenues.
    • Consultants are paid whenever a new Nonprofit Subscription is assigned to a Foundation. Payments are 100% automated.
    • Earn 20% of the gross monthly payments from Foundations you onboard for the lifetime of their subscriptions.
    • Earnings contingent on successful adherence to our operating agreement.
    • Contact us today to explore what partnering with the Tributary Imagination Co-op looks like.

  3. Total Earnings represents the total amount earned through onboarded partnerships.
    • The Manage Billing button allows Consultants to edit payment and payout information.
    • Payments contingent on entering a formal partnership agreement with Tributary. (Nonprofit Navigator). Contact us for more information.

  4. Consultants can easily view their onboarded Foundation Partners, their total sponsored nonprofits, and earnings via their dashboard.
    • Consultants are expected to maintain active relationships with their sponsored Foundations.

  5. There are no minimum Foundation partnerships required to partner with Nonprofit Navigator.